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When our son was around 6 months old, we discovered our son has anaphylactic food allergies to 4 of the top 8 allergens (and 5 of the top 11). The first thing my husband and I were told was to avoid those foods at all costs. We were given an Epi-Pen and pushed out of the door unaware of how our lives would be forever changed. I knew there had to be more to my baby's food allergy story. I began to research everything I could about food allergies, and realized we might have a chance to conquer this. Armed with this knowledge, we challenged over 15 foods over the course of 4 month period, and then we tried to determine ways we could potentially create a tolerance to the foods we were avoiding. Since that time, we have managed to tackle all of my son's allergies except for 1. You can read our stories detailing our experiences with each allergen here on the blog.

Through my research I have learned how common food allergies are, affecting 1 in 13 children. As an attorney, being an advocate is not new to me. Although its been only a few short months since our initial diagnosis, this experience has motivated me to apply my skills to help push for important changes for allergy families.  This includes requesting signage at playgrounds, advocating for the FASTER Act in my state, and finding ways to educate others about the challenges of caring for a loved one with food allergies.

It is my goal to change the direction of a food allergy diagnosis in the lives of others so they don't have to do things the hard way like us. Recent studies have shown that early intervention can potentially change the course of your little ones life. If I had known this information when we first started our journey, my family could have had a critical head start we desprately needed. So, take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, talk to your allergist, ask questions, and feel free to reach out if you would like more information.

My blog was selected as one of the top 40  food allergy blogs on the web. You can see the full list here:

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