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My Favorite Travel Products for Kids with Food Allergies

Updated: May 13

Let's face it, traveling with toddlers is hard, but traveling with toddlers that need special attention is much, much harder! This is my list of products we have found to be useful for my toddlers on our road trips for food allergy treatment! Check back for updates and additions to this list!

DREAM ON ME Zoom Portable Crib

This portable crib has been great for my barely two year old. We were able to let him sleep in the hotel stress free. Before we had this crib, we were wiping down the pack and play in the hotel, which always had something stuck to them from a child throwing up/spitting up or who knows what. Not only is that gross, but the last thing we wanted was for him to have an allergic reaction to something some other kid ate! It has been amazing to bring this with us. It folds up extremely small and fits in the truck of the car very easily. Highly recommend!

OXO TOT Perch Folding Booster Seat with Straps

We have two of these, one for each kid. They are great because they are very lightweight to carry, clean and fold super easily. I keep them in the trunk of the car. Even though we eat at allergy friendly restaurants, the idea of my allergic kids sitting in a high chair or booster seat with who knows what all over it scares me. This is great solution and our kids love it too!

GOBE KIDS Snack Spinner

This thing is great, we have two of these again, one for each kid. It save me the trouble of packing each snack in a separate container for the road trip and they LOVE hitting the button to make it spin. It's a fun way to break up the car ride and let them eat their snack!

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FIRE Kids Edition Tablet

As much as I hate to admit it, I got my kids a tablet. We weren't going to cave, but those long appointments with the allergists, it literally SAVES us. We don't bring them out other then when at the doctor, but I don't know where we'd be without it during a food challenge with such small kids.

IGLOO Cooler

Everyone who has kids with food allergies knows that you have to pack SO MUCH FOOD. You can't just stop a drive-thru on a road trip. This cooler is the perfect size for everything we need to keep cold and it does the job great! They have other sizes too if you want something smaller or bigger for your needs.

PRACMEDIC Travel Lockable Med Bag

These bags are great, they are insulated, it's a crossbody for when I'm holding the kids, and they have room for Epis and meds! They have other size & shape bags too, if your needs are different!

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