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Don’t Leave Home Without THIS Travel Product for Kids with Food Allergies

I can’t believe it’s already fall. For us that means planning trips and visiting family. Let's face it, traveling with toddlers is hard, but traveling with kids with food allergies is much, much harder! Planning travel, I found myself having anxiety about so many things related to my son’s food allergies, but I don’t want this anxiety to make my family miss out on life defining experiences.

One of the biggest anxieties I faced when trip planning was if I should rent a car seat, bring one that was smaller, but less safe, or carry around a heavy one. Renting for some of my friends was the go-to option, but for us that never seemed like a good choice because a kid could have eaten my son's allergens in it. Also, what if we wanted to take an Uber? Bringing a dense, heavy seat sounds awful, especially with all of the other things I need to bring to make sure my food allergy kiddo is safe. That’s why I’m so excited to team up with WAYB to show you my favorite travel car seat for kids with food allergies. This car seat will literally change the way you travel, and it’s worth every penny.

What is the WAYB Pico car seat?

It’s the perfect travel buddy. We’ve already taken it on our latest and used it with both my 2- & 3-year-old, so this is my tried-and-true opinion. We have two kids, so my husband and I each wore one of the car seats as a backpack. It was lightweight and comfortable, even while holding a toddler in one arm and a suitcase in the other. It’s truly safe, easy, and convenient.

It’s safe:

It's a forward-facing foldable 5-point harness car seat. It’s currently certified for use in the USA, the WAYB Pico car seat safety standards are the same as traditional car seats, so it’s car AND plane approved. Note: It’s forward facing so only recommended for kids 2+.

It’s easy to use & clean:

Installation is a breeze using either the LATCH system or the seatbelt. Cleaning is easy thanks to its mesh design.

It’s convenient:

At just 8 pounds & compact it’s so easy to take with you. There’s even has a handy travel backpack for purchase separately.

I hope you found reading about the one travel product we never leave home without interesting. WAYB has the perfect solution to your car seat travel needs. If you still have more questions, take a look at the WAYB FAQ. Be sure to check out my post on my Favorite Road Trip Products for Kids with Food Allergies to see some of my other favorite travel products, and grab your WAYB online before your next trip, or find it at your nearest store now.

What do you think of the WAYB Pico? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!



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