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A BEAR-ry Exciting Collaboration

Abe’s Vegan Muffins are partnering with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance on a “bearry”special Blue-BEAR-ry mini muffin pack!

I can’t believe it’s almost Spring. Here in Arizona, that means our weather is warming up and we are starting to think about what family trip we will take to beat the heat. When I start thinking about where to go, I always stop to consider what destination will make traveling with food allergies a bit easier for us.

One of our favorite destinations as a family is San Diego. It’s drivable, the weather is amazing, and of course there is the San Diego Zoo! One of our favorite snacks to bring in the car with us and for breakfast in the hotel room is Abe’s Vegan Muffins. That’s why I was so excited to find out that Abe’s is partnering with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance on a “bearry” special Blue-BEAR-ry mini muffin pack! San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (“SDZWA”) is a leading non-profit organization committed to saving species worldwide. How cool is that!?

In support of the new Wildlife Explorers Basecamp opening next month at the San Diego Zoo, Abe’s will temporarily change the name of its wild blueberry muffins to “Wild Blue-BEAR-ry,” and the package will also feature a fun fact for little ones to learn about the American black bear’s unique diet and seemingly bottomless appetite for berries! My little explorers couldn’t be more excited! Learn more here!

To celebrate the BEAR-ry exciting collaboration, Abe’s is also giving away a set of 3 tickets to the San Diego Zoo’s new Wildlife Explorers Basecamp and a scrumptious bundle of Abe’s goodies to 2 lucky winners! You can enter here!

We’ve been enjoying Abe’s products in our home since my son was first diagnosed with food allergies. It was the only store-bought vegan muffin I could find that actually tasted good, and for Abe’s food allergies are personal. They created the school safe treats for the real Abe who was born severely allergic to nuts, sesame, dairy, eggs, soy, and pea protein. I was overjoyed to learn that as of February. their facility is not only free from peanuts, tree nuts (other than coconut), dairy, eggs, sesame, soy, and pea protein, but also diary and eggs! If you want to read more about their allergen protocols, click here!

Knowing there’s allergy friendly snacks at our favorite travel destination is exciting, but you can also find Abe’s special SDZWA themed Wild Blue-BEAR-ry muffins pack at retailers near you, including Whole Foods, HEB, Ralph’s, Safeway, The Fresh Market, and Natural Grocers!


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07 de mar. de 2022

Oh my gosh that's so great! And the muffins look so cute and sound so yummy.

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